Contemporary Iconographies
September 1 – October 1, 2016

Vine Arts Center
2637   27th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN     55406
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Contemporary Iconographies

Contemporary Iconographies

Two Contemporary Masters expose universal treasures in this collaborative event,
bringing the energy of the cosmos to Vine Arts Center.
In this marriage of the scientific and spiritual, each master brings his own artistry to this visual feast, prepared through life-long dedication, from easel and darkroom. These works, at once painterly and precise, invite the viewer to indulge in the energy and aesthetic of life itself.

Opening : Thursday September 1st @ 6 - 10 pm, featuring harpist Andrea Stern

Artist’s Presentation :
Aribert Munzner, “The Mythology of Cosmology”
Sunday September 18th @ 2 - 3pm

Special Gallery Hours :
Thursday 4 - 6:45pm~Saturday 11am - 5pm~Sunday 2 - 5pm
By Appointment, contact artists via phone and/or email.


Aribert Munzner's work investigates the relationship of art, science, and mythology through the mystery of the microcosm and the macrocosm. This installation will be a mini-retrospective of six decades of work, ranging from 5 by 4 foot acrylic paintings to a suite of tiny 2.5"x2" pen and ink drawings.

Aribert was born in Mannheim Germany, spent two years in Baghdad, and then grew up in New York State. He received an MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. He became a faculty member of the Minneapolis School of Art in 1955 and spent 50 years there as a teacher and mentor as it evolved into the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Aribert will present an oeuvre entitled Genesis. Aribert long ago made a commitment to celebrate life through art. He explores the ongoing revolutions in science and art through drawing and painting; his art is a process of inquiry into the energy of the universe.


Mark D. Roberts is classically trained musician and photographer as well as an esteemed curator and gallery director/owner. As such he and his partner opened one of the very first photography galleries in the United States, the J Hunt Gallery. He has exhibited works from Anne Leibovitz, Robert Mapplethorpe and Ansel Adams, with whom he studied in his early days of photography.

Mark continued his work in large format photography until 1982 when he studied with Pierre Cordier who originated the chemigram process. At this point Mark’s work underwent a dramatic change and he started working almost entirely with chemigrams, producing a body of work that centered on themes such as the Holocaust and Lost Musical Manuscripts.

The premier exhibition of select images from the portfolio Vanished utilizing the photographic process entitled Chemigram. This very personal collection of images, in memoriam to the artists, musicians and composers that disappeared during the horrific period of the Third Reich. The images are not labeled with any specific artist/composer in mind enabling the viewer to make that distinction themselves.

Vita occulta plantarum (The Secret Life of Plants) is an ongoing visual dialogue between artist and plants utilizing a technique known as Kirlian photography. After 30+ years this dialogue continues as Roberts articulates the energy of the plants through his further exploration of this incredible technique. By running an electric charge through plants he is able to not only capture their aura, but to translate it visually in these stunning images.

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