The Great Mothers of Islam
April 10 - 14
Vine Arts Center
2637   27th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN     55406
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The Great Mothers of Islam is an exhibition by two Minnesotan Muslim women,

Hend Al-Mansour


Leili Tajadod-Pritschet

Both artists are fascinated by the inherent feminine power in Islamic tradition that is deeply buried in the collective unconscious of Muslims. Such feminine power has been so overwhelming that it might have led to women’s oppression as a way to compensate.  Through examining their Great Mother figures, they seek to heal and to reclaim their stolen powers. Their art inevitably reflects on their migration to America and their interaction of the Western images of Muslim women.

Each artist explores a great woman in Islamic history. Al-Mansour considers Fatimah, prophet Muhammed’s daughter. Tajadod focuses upon Aisha, the prophet’s wife. Fatimah represents the pure, resilient, and sacred mother who protects and blesses. Aisha represents the wise, warrior and confronting mother who fights back and argues. As part of the artists’ personal journey, Tajadod, an Iranian Shiite, celebrates Aisha, the Sunni wise mother, while Al-Mansour, a Sunni Muslim from Saudi Arabia, makes her art about Fatimah, the Shiite holy mother.

The artwork does not, however, talk only about women of Islam. Rather it emphasizes the aesthetics and the visual values of all Muslim peoples. Coming from two different cultures, Al-Mansour and Tajadod portray two different visual languages in stark contrast to Western visual styles. Each has her unique style, color, composition and artistic language that not only reflects her Eastern cultural background, but is also seasoned by her Western foreground. Those from the West might be familiar with Islamic art as a general theme, but they may not discern all the individual and unique cultures that create and inform Islamic art.

_Tuesday + Friday : April 10th + 14th 6-8pm ~ Gallery visits
_Wednesday : April 11th 6:30-9pm ~ Art Salon for Fertile Minds
_Thursday : April 12th 6-9pm ~ Reception
_Saturday : April 14th 12-5pm ~ Artists Talk @ 3pm


Leili Tajadod-Pritschet and Hend Al-Mansour are the fiscal year 2011 recipient of a Cultural Community Partnership grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. This activity is made possible in part by a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature and by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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