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Vine Arts Center
2637   27th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN     55406
  M+Th @ 5:30-7pm
  Sat @ 11-5pm
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Vine Arts Center consists of the following members :
Cynthia Anderson
Sandra Baines
Tanya Beyer
Karl Blomseth
Wendy Blomseth
Richard Bonk
Shannon Burke
Judy Bracci
Kathleen Crook *
Jim Foreman
Susan Gainen
Diane Gamm
Pratibha Gupta
Sue Horns-Kolstad
Gamini Kumara
Wendy Henry
Stephen Hoffer
Rob House *
Allen James
Jessie Lawson
Rachel Levy
Jack Mader
Barry McMahon
Debbra Myers
Aribert Munzner
Larry Nelson *
Kerry Pennings
Kim Pickering *
Rick Pirtle
Jan Reich
Mark D Roberts
Melissa Venne Rottach
Nancy Sampson
Chris Sandberg
Andrea Sepúlveda
Thrace Soryn
Mary Stiff *
Kris Treuting
Lee Truer
Pamela Yates
Members Only     * members of the
board of directors

We cannot forget our fallen comrades :
Michael D Bigger Ellen Finholt MacLeod Richard Raschio

We welcome visual and performing artists working in any medium and from all backgrounds.
Many members have studios in the Ivy Arts Building while others work all throughout the Twin Cities area.
We invite you to consider becoming a Vine Arts Member.

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Vine Arts Center is always accepting proposals for exhibitions.
Download a Show Proposal form and get started planning your show.